Patients Feature-search

  • Upload scanned patient documents
  • Keep notes about each patient
  • Print custom patient barcodes
  • Get warnings about expiring cards
  • Let patients place online orders

Management Feature-search

  • Check in patients as they arrive
  • See a list of recent patient visits
  • Track and search all employee activities
  • Budtenders can see waiting patients
  • See a list of all online orders

Inventory Menu Feature-search

  • Generate barcodes for your inventory
  • Create and track all vendor purchases
  • Display your menu on your own website
  • Show your menu on your public page
  • Track your entire inventory to the gram

Caregivers Feature-search

  • Upload scanned caregiver documents
  • Add notes about each caregiver
  • Setup patient-caregiver relationships
  • Let caregivers get medicine for patients

Vendors Feature-search

  • Upload scanned vendor documents
  • Accept inventory on consignment
  • Share invoices with your vendors

Physicians Feature-search

  • Upload scanned physician documents
  • Setup patient-physician relationships
  • Store doctor approval phone number
  • Store doctor approval website

Employees Feature-search

  • Create an account for every employee
  • Set different employee levels
  • Customize every employee permission
  • Track all employee activity
  • View employee production reports

Email & Texting Feature-search

  • Send email newsletters to patients
  • Sent text messages to your patients
  • Keep patients informed about your MMC
  • Send special discounts to your patients
  • Directly contact all your patients

Live Reporting Feature-search

  • Over 20 different detailed reports
  • Export reports to PDF format
  • Export reports to spreadsheet format
  • Export sales reports to Quickbooks
  • Custom time-span for all reports