You don't need extra hardware to fully utilize MMJMenu

MMJMenu is fully functional with just a computer and an internet connection. However, adding a few additional pieces of hardware will let you utilize all of MMJMenu's features.

Digital Scale

An integrated digital scale. This will allow you to weight your medicine on the scale, and automatically send that exact weight to MMJMenu.

Barcode Scanner

A barcode scanner that reads "Code128" barcodes. This will allow you to make barcodes for all your inventory items. Scan the barcode and MMJMenu locates that item.

Credit Card and Photo ID Scanner

A 3-layer photo ID scanner. This will allow you to scan a patient's photo ID to check them in automatically. You can even add a new patient by simply swiping their photo ID.

Touch Screen Monitor

A premium touch screen computer monitor. This will allow you to use MMJMenu by touching the computer screen, rather than using mouse and keyboard.

Label Printer

A label printer. This will allow you to print customized labels for all the medicine in your store. It will also give you the ability to print customized patient labels.

Receipt Printer

A receipt printer. This will allow you to create customized and personalized sales receipts for all of your patients.