Vendors FAQ

How do I add vendor purchases into mmjmenu?

Click the “Vendor” tab/link on the left-hand side of the mmjmenu homepage when you are logged in. Click on the Vendor you have purchased from and then click “Add a New Item”. Fill out as many fields as you can. There is a short cut if you have already entered an item at any other previous time, you can click the “Options” button under the item’s name. From the options that will show on the drop down, select Vendor Purchases. From there, Click “Add A New Purchase”. As you can see, there are not nearly as many fields to fill out as when you “Add an Item”. (You must always remember to fill out the purchase information for accurate reporting.)

Can I add an item to my menu without creating a vendor purchase?

All menu items should be entered in mmjmenu as Vendor Purchases in order to ensure the most accurate inventory as well as other important financial information. One reason two of the same items are showing up could be because you entered the menu item without putting in the name of the Vendor in the vendor field. Even if there is a name there, you still must do a vendor purchase. We recommend that instead of adding menu items through the “Menu” tab/link, that you add all menu items through the “VENDORS” tab/link. This way, you are able to accomplish multiple things, such as updating inventory and keeping track of your purchases, etc. at once, as opposed to entering the information in multiple places.

Do I still need a Vendor Purchase if the product is from our grow?

Any incoming product MUST be entered as a Vendor Purchase in order to ensure accurate reporting information as well as inventory. If the product is coming from your grow, we suggest you enter your grow as a vendor. Then, click “Enter New Item”. Fill out the given fields, including the cost for amount section. (However much on average it costs you to grow by batch and for quantity coming in) Click “Add Item to Menu”. mmjmenu will now take you to the menu page, where you can see your item. Click the “Options” button under the item you just entered and select Vendor Purchases from the drop-down. Next to the purchase, click “Edit” Change the Purchase Type from Wholesale to Transfer from Grow and choose who delivered it. Click “Update Purchase”

How do I add a new purchase for an item already on my menu?

Click the “Options” button under the item listed in your Grow that is listed as a vendor on the Vendor Page. Select Vendor Purchases and then “Add a New Purchase” for a faster way with less fields/criteria to fill out.

What is a consignment?

When you create a new vendor purchase, you have the option to mark it as a consignment. This will add the item to your inventory, and allow you to pay the vendor at a later date. When the consignment is complete, you can either pay the entire amount, or pay a partial amount and return the remaining inventory to the vendor.

Can I see the total amount I owe to a vendor?

Yes, just click the "Vendors" tab and select the vendor you would like to view. Then, in the right sidebar under "Consignments", you will see the total amount of money you still owe to this vendor, for all their consignments.