Options FAQ

How do I create a new custom Menu Category?

Click the “Options” tab/link on the left-hand side of the mmjmenu homepage when you’re logged in. From there, scroll down and click the “Categories” tab/link on the right-hand side. Here, you can edit, delete or add a new category.

What is the Weight Allowance option?

Setting the weight allowance is important to ensure the most accurate inventory and pricing. Weight allowance gives you the ability to weight heavy, and not charge extra for it. For example, if you set "3.8" in the eighth box, any weight between 3.5 and 3.8 grams will not only take the exact amount our of inventory, but allow the pricing to remain at the eighth price. If you were to not set the weight allowance and weight out 3.8 grams, only 3.5 will be taken out of inventory. Those little amounts certainly add up when you’re trying to do inventory control. Another example: weighing even just .1 gram over per patient and having maybe 50 patients equals 5 grams off in inventory.

What is a Vanity URL?

A vanity URL is an easy-to-remember way for your patients to get to your public mmjmenu page. For example, if you select "KushDispensary" as your Vanity URL, your public mmjmenu page will be accessable at www.mmjmenu.com/KushDispensary.