Menu FAQ

What is On Hold Inventory?

When you sell out of an inventory item, rather than deleting it, you can put it on hold. This will remove the inventory item from your active menu, and place it in your on-hold menu. Then, when you re-stock that inventory item, just "Restore" that inventory item back to your active menu.

How does an Inventory Transfer work?

When you are running low on medicine, you might want turn the last quarter of shake in pre-rolls. In this case, you would "Transfer" the cannabis into a new inventory item, say "Pre-Rolled Joints". Now, every time you sell a "Pre-Rolled Joint", mmjmenu will stil deduct from the original source.

Can I print Barcodes and Labels for my menu items?

Yes. Just click the "Menu" tab, and in the right sidebar you will see an option to print Barcodes or print Labels for your inventory items. In each case, you will have the option to print either a single barcode or label, or to print barcodes or labels for your entire inventory list.

What if my inventory comes with barcodes?

No problem. When you create a new inventory item in mmjmenu, we automatically generate a unique barcode for that item. However, you have the option to use a custom barcode. When you add a new menu item, click the "Item already has a barcode" option, and either scan the barcode, or type in the barcode numbers.