A huge update to the reports and live stats

A huge update to the reports and live stats

alex - Feb 27, 2011

When you login to your mmjmenu account, you will notice a little difference. We merged the two tabs previously knows as “Reporting” and “Live Stats”. It’s all in one brand new category called “Live Reporting”, and you are going to love it.

We took the best features of our Live Stats section, like the beautiful reports generated in real time and displayed on mmjmenu. And the best features from the Reports section where you would download different reports.

We’ve added 18 unique reports to Live Reporting so you can get an in-depth look into the numbers from every aspect of your MMC. When you view a report like Daily Sales, you will get an on-the-fly look at the sales for the specified time period.

On the bottom right side of Live Reporting, you will see a “Download Report” option, in which you can download the spreadsheet just like before. But you’ll also see we generate a new PDF file as well, so you can download the pretty stats from mmjmenu right to your computer in PDF format.

We also have a new way of generating the reports. Because we deal with a tremendous amount of data, large reports spanning many months can sometimes take a few minutes to generate.

You no longer have to wait for reports to generate and build. Just click the report you want (PDF or Spreadsheet), and you will see it added under “Generated Reports”. The status will say one of three things.

Pending. This means your report request is in the queue waiting to be generated.

Generating. This means your report is currently being generated. If it’s a big report, it could stay at this status for a few minutes.

Complete. This means your report was successfully generated, and you can now download your report.

This is a complete overhaul and upgrade to the reporting on mmjmenu. Everything is consolidated so it will be easier to use, and to find the information you’re looking for. But please take a few minutes to go over the different reports and take a look at the new downloadable reports. If you spot a bug or have a question about the new Live Reporting section, please send an email to info@mmjmenu.com or give us a call.

One final note, we’ve also completed Twitter integration. If you click the “Options” tab inside mmjmenu, then click “Social Integration” on the bottom right side, you will see the Twitter Integration button.

If you integrate your mmjmenu account with your Twitter account, you will have the option to send a Twitter update every time you add a new inventory item to your menu.