MMJMenu / Weedmaps API Key Integration

MMJMenu / Weedmaps API Key Integration

alex - Feb 19, 2014

We have re-worked the way MMJMenu communicated with Weedmaps. From now on, all you need to integrate is your Weedmaps dispensary API key.

Using an API key will allow MMJMenu to authenticate you and lookup your dispensary. It will also allow you to change your Weedmaps password without breaking the MMJMenu integration. This rollout should also fix problems some clients were reporting of not all items syncing over, or some items being duplicated.

Here are the steps to grab your new Weedmaps dispensary API key, and integrate it into MMJMenu:

- On your Weedmaps listing page, in the right sidebar click “Manage Your Listing”.
- Scroll to the very bottom of the next page, and copy your Weedmaps API key.
- Click the “Options” tab inside MMJMenu, and scroll to the very bottom to “Social Integration”.
- Paste your Weedmaps API key into the Weedmaps integration area.

It is recommended that you selected “Delete current menu items from Weedmaps” so you don’t end up with duplicates after the sync is complete.

As always if you have any questions, emails us at or give us a call!