Your Patient Information is Safe With mmjmenu

Your Patient Information is Safe With mmjmenu

justin - Oct 28, 2011

One of our competitors has been spreading rumors regarding the security of your patient data. We would like to start by assuring you that the rumors are nothing more than an attempt by MJFreeway to try and scare you. The privacy and security of your data is of our utmost concern, so let us take a minute to explain how we keep your patient data safe and put these rumors to rest.

When you upload a patient document to mmjmenu, we store that document in your account for later access. When you request to see a document that you have uploaded, we generate a secure link to that document, direct you to that document, then expire the link so nobody else can view it. To view the document again, you must go back to the patient file and click the document, which will generate a new secure access link to that document.

When you view a patient document, the URL looks like this:

The first part is a link that describes the actual file, and the second is encoded information to secure the file. If you remove the security information from the URL, and just try to visit it will still return “Access Denied”, because the security parameters are required to view a document. If you try to change the security parameters, the signature will not match and will result in another “Access Denied” response.

What does this all mean? It means that unless you are logged into your mmjmenu account and have permission to view patient documents, you will not be able to view any mmjmenu patient documents. Period. And because document links expire immediately, if anybody tries to share a link to your patient documents, the only thing they will see is: “Access Denied”.

All of us at mmjmenu are here to serve you, and the entire medical marijuana community. We are proud to offer the most affordable plans, and the highest quality product & service in the industry.

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