mmjmenu is turning 2 years old and giving away a year of free service

mmjmenu is turning 2 years old and giving away a year of free service

alex - Sep 05, 2011

On September 12th, 2009, mmjmenu was born. And in the two years since, with your help, mmjmenu has grown to become the industry leading medical marijuana management & POS system.

And to show our appreciation and gratitude to our clients, we are holding a giveaway on our birthday.

What could you win? How about a full year of service from mmjmenu, for free? Great! Because we’re giving away a full year of free service to 3 different mmjmenu clients!

So, how do you enter to win?

All current mmjmenu clients automatically get one entry into the drawing. But you have the opportunity to earn 2 additional entries for your dispensary.

The first thing you can do to earn an extra entry is: Send an email newsletter to all your patients inside mmjmenu, and tell them to come follow your dispensary or collective on

The second thing you can do to earn an extra entry is: Add a link to on your dispensary’s website for your patients.

As an mmjmenu client, you can take advantage of mmjrevu, a medical marijuana patient community / strain review website – – for free. Add your dispensary, let your patients follow you and receive updates about your dispensary & menu, and setup a complete public page for your dispensary with fans, forums, specials, activities and a menu.

mmjrevu also gives patients the unique ability to view their purchase history at your dispensary, from their mmjrevu account. This is just another features that makes mmjrevu a totally unique and revolutionary tool for medical marijuana patients, dispensaries and collectives.

It’s a fantastic alternative to other websites that make you pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to showcase your dispensary or collective on the internet. And patients love it because not only can they get updates about your dispensary, they can learn about their medicine too.

The more of your patients that use mmjrevu, the better you will be able to communicate and stay in touch with your current patients. If you get your current patients following you on mmjrevu, you will easily be able to communicate with them and reach out to them instantly, anytime you need. So encourage your patients to take advantage of these great features that only mmjrevu can offer.

To learn more about mmjrevu, please visit the mmjrevu tour page and feature page at:

Then, on September 12th, we will take all the entries and put them into a randomizer, and randomally select 3 dispensaries who will win a free year of service from mmjmenu.

And we want to personally thank every single one of our clients from the bottom of our hearts. We just had an idea to help dispensary owners and medical marijuana patients. But you helped us create and grow an amazing business in an industry that we love. Like most of you, we feel blessed to be doing what we’re doing, and we wouldn’t be here without you.

Thank you,
Alex, Justin & Tracy