Keeping track of Payouts

Keeping track of Payouts

alex - May 04, 2011

Starting today, you can track payouts that happen throughout the day. Whether you pull out $30 to pay for lunch, or take $2,000 from the drawer to pay a vendor, it’s all accounted for. We setup specific permissions so you can choose which of your staff members can add and view payouts. Just click on the “Permissions” tab of any employee, and scroll down to the “Payouts” section.

Select the permissions you want each employee to have, in relation to the payout functionality of mmjmenu. It is recommended that you only allow owners and managers to access this feature.

Once you have the permissions enabled on your account, click on your business name in the left navigation bar. On this page, you’ll see a new “Options” tab on the right side, with a “Payouts” link under it.

This is how you will access all payout information in your account. Your payouts page will list all transactions, the amount the transaction was for, and who authorized that transaction.

We’ve also added a new report for payouts under the “Live Reporting” section, so you can easily get totals and download spreadsheets of all your past payouts.

For those of you who are using the online order feature, you can now customize the wording on your online order page, and select a website to redirect your patients to after they place an online order. This can all be setup in your “Options” page under “Online Orders”.

We also improved on the “Email Receipt” function. Now, when you email a patient a receipt for their visit, your logo will be included, and the patient will see an actual receipt for their visit.