Customize your public mmjmenu page

Customize your public mmjmenu page

alex - Mar 03, 2011

As an mmjmenu client, you get a free vanity URL for your MMC, which is – This is your public mmjmen page. You can choose to show your online menu to all your patients, let those patients place online orders, or even let them sign up to become a patient.

But if a patient comes from your website to your public mmjmenu page, our logo is on the top of the screen. At least, it used to be. Starting today, we’re giving you the ability to customize your public mmjmenu page!

You can upload your own logo and choose any background color you want. We will even link your logo back to your website, so patients never feel like they even left your website.



Just go to your Options tab, and upload your logo. Then click “Customize Public Page” in the side bar. Switch “Use custom logo on public page” to Yes, and upload your logo. To select a background color, just click in the text box and choose your color in the popup box. Then just click the “Update Options” button and your new public page will show your logo, have your colors, and link back to your webpage.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. If you don’t have questions, but just like the new features, we love hearing that as well!